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How Should I Prepare for Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery can feel like it’s going to be a scary process. You might feel anxious or be uncertain about what to expect. A lot of the early steps of the process of your oral surgery will be explained to you in detail by your dentist but there are always a few considerations that first-time surgical patients forget about. Are you ready for your Porcelain Veneers?

If you know in advance some good rules of thumb to prevent issues that could crop up on your surgery day, you will probably feel far more prepared for your treatment and less worried about the experience overall. There is nothing better than feeling prepared and this list of things to consider before your oral surgery will help put your mind at ease before your procedure.

Things to do to Prepare for Oral Surgery

1.       Ask Questions

There is no such thing as too many questions. If you are not sure about the details of your surgery, ask your surgeon or their nurse about the procedure and what to expect. They will be happy to guide you through the process and you should get some documentation that tells you how to prepare on the day of the procedure as well.

2.       Arrange a Ride

Make sure that someone can come to the dentist’s office with you and give you a ride home after your procedure. It is also good to have some help around the house for at least a few hours after your surgery. The medications that are used to prepare you for surgery can affect everyone differently and you might not be as capable of looking after yourself as you think when you get home. Just be sure that you have some help with getting to and from the office and someone to sit with you for a bit once you are home.

3.       Be Sure not to Eat or Drink

Some procedures do not require that you stop eating or drinking for a set number of hours before your procedure, but many operations do. You might also feel better if you don’t have a full stomach when you head into your procedure. Some people feel sick when they are nervous and having a full stomach will just make this worse for you.

4.       Arrive a Little Early

Make sure not to arrive late for your surgery. There is nothing that makes the process more unpleasant than feeling rushed and you will enjoy your overall experience much more if you are on time for your surgery and feel like you had a chance to ask any final questions before you go in to have the procedure done.

Preparing in Advance for Oral Surgery Always Helps

Always make sure that you consider some of the details of your oral surgery day before you head to the appointment. You will feel better if you have prepared yourself for the procedure and if you have some help at home afterward you will have a much smoother process once you are done with the surgery as well.

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