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Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings in North Vancouver

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Almost everyone learns about cavities and dental fillings when they are a child. Often when kids eat candy, especially at Halloween, they learn about what a cavity is and, in some cases, they end up needing fillings. Not much changes with adulthood, save for the extra years of wear on each tooth. It’s crucial to catch a cavity early as it can compromise your teeth and oral health over time.

The longer a cavity exists without a dental filling, the more time the cavity has to fill up with harmful foods and chemicals, allowing the tooth to further degrade. A dental filling can prevent pain associated with cavities by protecting your teeth’ nerves from harmful substances. Fillings for cavities are a regular part of routine oral health care, and they can prevent a cavity from leading to something far more serious down the road. 

Tooth Filling Graphic

If a cavity is left for a long period of time, it can get to a point where the tooth decays past where a dental filling can be used, and a dental crown may be required.

This, of course, is more costly and emphasizes the importance of dealing with cavities as soon as possible. Talk to the oral health care experts at Aqua Dental to discuss fillings if you are living with a cavity or cavities.

What Are the Different Types of Dental Fillings?

Dentistry and oral health care have a long history. Therefore, there are a number of different fillings that have existed over the years.  

  • Amalgam Fillings – Comprised of several metallic elements, amalgam fillings are among the strongest and are usually seen near the back of the mouth where chewing takes place. This procedure requires the use of mercury (which is widely considered unhealthy and potentially dangerous). As a result, amalgam fillings have largely been abandoned around the world.
  • Composite Fillings – These fillings are also known as filled resins and feature a combination of glass or quartz filler color-matched to your existing teeth. 
  • Ceramic Fillings – Ceramic fillings (usual porcelain) are less likely to show stains over time than a composite filling; however, price is often a factor. Ceramic fillings cost more than composite and therefore aren’t always the most practical choice for patients. 
  • Glass Ionomer – These fillings are made with a blend of acrylic and glass that release fluoride to help protect your teeth. These filings are less durable and, in some cases, need to be replaced in as little as five years. 

If you or a family member have a tooth or teeth with a cavity or cavities in need of fillings, contact the oral health care experts at Aqua Dental! Your teeth are important to you, and as a result, they are important to us! We want you to be happy with your teeth and to smile without worry.

Keeping your teeth healthy is the first step to maintaining your oral health and saving you a lot of money on future procedures. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and review all the options available to you. Remember: It’s crucial to deal with a cavity as soon as possible before other oral health-related conditions surface.


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