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Dental Implants

Replacements for Damaged or Missing Teeth Can Change the Way You Live – Dental Implants from Aqua Dental Can Restore Your Smile

north vancouver dental implantsDental implants truly are one of the best comforts provided by the modern world. No longer are missing or damaged teeth something you have to suffer through, as modern color-matched replacements are available from your dentist. Dental implants surgery offers quick and effective solutions to replacing teeth, preserving your jawbone, oral health, and restoring your self-confidence. Our smiles are how we greet the world, as is often said, and being afraid to show your teeth is no way to live. Let our dental implants give you back the confident lifestyle you once had. Dental implants surgery or maxillofacial surgery is a common procedure all over North America and it can drastically change the way you eat, and moreover, how you feel about yourself. Our oral health experts can help you navigate the world of dental implants and find the dental implant that best suits you. The jawbone is a mysterious bone. As it changes shape over time, the teeth in your mouth keep it from deforming and deteriorating. When you have missing teeth, whether it is one or more, the rest of the teeth in your mouth can shift, causing pain and discomfort. An artificial teeth can keep the jawbone from changing shape thus keeping your existing teeth right where they need to be, and avoid periodontal disease. Dental implants surgery strengthens these areas while giving you a smile you will fall in love with. The aching pain from teeth shifting in the mouth can be avoided if a dental implant is inserted into the areas where your teeth are missing. From bridges and crowns to full dentures, talk to the oral health experts at Aqua Dental to find out what the best dental implants surgery is for you.

Dental Implants Surgery from Aqua Dental – Dental Implants Let You Eat the Foods You Love Again

With missing or damaged teeth, eating certain foods can become a challenge. If the strength of your existing teeth is compromised or you have missing teeth, foods like apples, steaks, certain desserts and others just aren’t worth the trouble. Having implant dentistry allows you to get back to eating your favourite foods with confidence and healthy gums. The installation of a titanium post into the jaw allows for a crown to be cemented into place, giving you the strength and rigidity of your original teeth. Our expert dentists and periodontal surgeons use high quality materials and techniques to replace your teeth and place single dental implants, multiple dental implants, or implant dentures into the jawbone. To find out more about dental implants surgery, contact the oral health experts at Aqua Dental today. We’d love to discuss your teeth and how to get the smile you seek through dental implants.

Dental Implants Surgery from Aqua Dental – Talk to the Oral Health Experts at Aqua Dental to Discover What Your Life Could be Like After Dental Implants Surgery

If you’re going through life with missing teeth, don’t hesitate – call the oral health experts at Aqua Dental. Our oral health experts are friendly and helpful and can help you figure out your dental implants options, costs, and then refer you to one of our dentists who can meet with you, conduct an exam and determine the best choice for your situation. Preserving and promoting oral health is what we are passionate about and we want to help you! Call us today to find out more about dental implants surgery.


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