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Over 35 Years of Experience

Whether you have a cracked tooth, have been thinking about teeth-whitening, or it’s your child’s first dental visit, our team is here to help. Aqua Dental’s dental professionals create a warm and welcoming environment where patient health and patient satisfaction are our top priorities. We are a community of dedicated dentists who want to help you achieve your perfect smile. If you're in need of a local dentist in North Vancouver, call or visit our dental centre today to book a dental appointment.

Full-Service Dental Care in North Vancouver

Cosmetic Dentistry -> Porcelain Veneers

If you live in Vancouver, bring the whole family to Aqua Dental Centre for complete, customized dental care. With over 35 years of service in the North Vancouver community, our dentists are some of the most experienced dental professionals in British Columbia. Our team prides itself in our services and the personalized care we offer our patients.  

Using the newest advances in dental technology, your North Vancouver dentist can provide an extensive range of dental treatments. Our dental centre strives to meet the needs of children, adults, and seniors, all in a caring and professional environment.  

Why Aqua Dental Should Be Your First Choice

When choosing a dentist, we know there are many things for you to consider. Location, services,  experience, professionalism, office environment; all of these things matter. And when choosing a local dentist not just for yourself, but for your whole family, it matters even more.

So why should you choose Aqua Dental as your North Vancouver dental clinic?  

  1. Our dedicated and experienced dentists offer personalized care to every patient, including individualized treatment plans for each member of your family.
  2. We offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge treatments for a variety of dental issues.
  3. Have a dental emergency? No problem, we’re here to help.
  4. Our beautiful, state-of-the-art facilities will make you feel right at home.
  5. We offer dental care in a safe and healthy environment. All dental staff wear personal protective equipment.
  6. We offer pediatric dentistry, laser whitening, general dentistry, laser dentistry, and oral surgery. Even better, we do it all in one convenient location!
  7. We are always accepting new patients.

Whether you’re in search of a pediatric dentist, in need of dental x-rays, considering cosmetic treatments, or have other dental concerns, our North Vancouver community of dentists have the expertise you need.  

Why look further when you can get quality and assured dental care with us? Our staff look forward to welcoming you to our office and creating a comprehensive, optimized plan for your dental health. When you become one of our valued patients, we are confident that we can make you an Aqua Dental patient for life!  

Reach out to our North Vancouver dental clinic at Aqua Dental Centre to make a dental hygiene appointment and enhance your oral health today!

Bi-Annual Dental Hygiene Appointment Checkups

Your smile is important to us! To maintain optimal oral health, we recommend our patients get a check-up every six months for a dental cleaning and examination. Book an appointment with your North Vancouver dentist.

Brighter Smiles and Restorative Dentistry

If you are suffering due to a damaged, missing, or decayed tooth, our restorative services can help return your smile to its healthy, natural-looking state. Using advanced technology, our cosmetic dentistry services can give you a more confident and radiant smile. 


Relaxation and Sedation Dentistry

It’s completely normal to feel a little nervous when visiting a doctor or dentist. At Aqua Dental,  we offer relaxation dentistry and sedation options to help calm your nerves and get you through  It’s completely normal for patients to feel a little nervous when visiting a doctor or dentist. At Aqua Dental, we offer sedation options for several dental services to help calm your nerves and get you through your appointment. We also provide overhead TVs to entertain and distract you while we work.


Evening and Weekend Appointments 

Our North Vancouver staff knows how hectic life can be, and they want to make your life easier. This is why Aqua Dental is pleased to offer evening and weekend appointments to our patients. We also accept most dental plans here in the B.C. community, directly. For quality and dependable care, contact our dental centre to schedule an appointment. Please call us today to schedule! call us today to schedule!

Promotions and Special Offers

Our North Vancouver dentists are currently offering patients a special on our teeth-whitening services. Call today!

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