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North Vancouver Dental Bridges

What Is a Dental Bridge? Are you a patient with missing teeth and want to get your smile back?

Missing teeth aren’t something anybody wants to deal with, and there are solutions! A dental bridge can restore your missing teeth with prosthetic tooth implants cemented into place. A dental bridge is a permanent solution to missing teeth and can help maintain oral health, similar to a dental implant.

When a tooth is missing, the jawbone can change shape, compromising other teeth and your overall oral health. Teeth can shift, causing pain and discomfort.

That’s what makes placing a bridge so critical – they preserve the jawbone while providing an excellent replacement for your missing teeth.

When people look at your teeth and see the dental bridges, they won’t notice there are prosthetic teeth in your smile. Talk to our oral health experts about how dental bridges from Aqua Dental can change your life!

If you’re missing teeth, having tooth extractions done, or are looking to replace damaged teeth, dental bridges may be right for you. Dental bridges are a very common treatment for fixing implants into space where teeth are missing.

Dental bridges are a permanent solution for implants for missing teeth as they are often cemented into place and should only be removed by your dentist. This permanence helps maintain your oral health by preventing the jawbone from changing shape.

Your teeth are how you greet the world, and you want the best possible care for each tooth – and the best implants in spaces where teeth are missing. The best way to determine if dental bridges are right for you is to contact the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Aqua Dental.

Our oral health experts are ready to take your call and answer any questions you may have about your teeth.

Ideal Patient for Traditional Teeth Bridges

  • Someone looking to replace damaged teeth or fill a spot where teeth are missing
  • Someone with healthy teeth adjacent to where the dental bridges would be placed
  • Someone looking for an affordable solution to missing teeth
  • Someone with missing or damaged teeth near implants
  • Someone having tooth extractions.
  • Someone looking for a fuller smile/tooth structure through prosthetic teeth

In some cases, dental crowns may be the better option to fill in existing damaged teeth. For more information on dental crowns, visit our dental crowns page or call/e-mail the oral health experts at Aqua Dental.

Dental crowns can consist of gold, metal alloys, metal with porcelain coating, and ceramic color-matched to your existing teeth.

Talk to our oral health experts if you are interested in dental crowns or have questions about dental crowns, your teeth, and the procedure. A visit to our dentists can provide you with a clear plan for what best suits your teeth.

Type of Bridge To Fit Your Needs

A dental bridge consists of one or two crowns on either side of dental implants. The implants – or artificial teeth – are often made from gold, porcelain, ceramic and other materials. A few different types of dental bridges are used to fill missing teeth, which can be found below.

  • Traditional Bridges – Typically comprised of ceramic or porcelain and consists of two crowns with tooth implants in between them.
  • Cantilever Bridges – Often used when only a single support tooth is available. These don’t have the same strength as a traditional bridge and are not ideal for replacing certain teeth.
  • Maryland Bonded Bridges – Often used to replace front teeth, these bridges are made from a metal framework with porcelain fused to metal teeth. The implants are fixed to adjacent healthy teeth with metal or porcelain wings.

Call us Today – Meet Our Dentist!

For all North Vancouver patients who have missing teeth and are considering dental bridges, don’t hesitate to call us – the oral health experts at Aqua Dental Centre.

We can supply you with the information you need to decide whether dental bridges are right for you.

Our oral health experts want you to be happy with your teeth, and the reward we feel when restoring your teeth is why we are passionate about dental care. Call us today!


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