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Your Emergency Dentist In North Vancouver

Emergency Dental Care

Our dentists in North Vancouver can fix any number of dental issues, from excessive bleeding in the gums to a chipped or cracked tooth with our emergency dental services.

Discomfort and pain in your teeth is usually a good sign you are in need of emergency dentistry services, having a dental emergency is not when you should start looking for emergency dental clinics.

If you find you are not experiencing pain, but have, as a result of an accident or other event, urgent cosmetic issues with your teeth, you can rely on your dentists at Aqua Dental Care in North Vancouver to help you in your time of need.

A North Vancouver Dentist When You Have a Dental Emergency

Pain in your teeth is not normal. We find most dental pain is caused by the nerves in your teeth being exposed or compromised. 

If a patient has a tooth with a cavity large enough to leave the nerves exposed, they may find themselves experiencing sharp pain in addition to the increased risk of bacteria entering the bloodstream. If this happens, this is an emergency dentist in North Vancouver and an urgent visit to the dentists at Aqua Dental Care North Vancouver is needed. 

Cracked or chipped teeth are not just cosmetic issues, they can compromise the nerves by exposing or putting unnatural pressure on them. This is not something to be left alone. This oral health problem can worsen and become more urgent over time if left unseen by a dentist.

If you find you’re experiencing intense or consistent oral pain, we urgently suggest contacting the dentists at Aqua Dental Care in North Vancouver to discuss emergency dental care services. 

By that same token, we also suggest a visit for emergency dental care services for serious cosmetic work. In today’s world, a cracked, chipped or missing tooth can tarnish our image in the workplace. Don’t let an oral cosmetic issue keep you from going to work. 

Our dentists are on-hand to help patients get the dental care they need to live their lives normally once again.

Dental care pain can prevent a patient from eating their favorite foods or drinking their favorite drinks. When left untreated, some of the issues we see more frequently in patients include inflammation of the gums, swelling of the face, and fever.

If these symptoms begin to show, we suggest an urgent dental care visit with the dentists at Aqua Dental Care North Vancouver.

We May be Able to Save your Tooth

Regardless of lifestyle, there are many ways to damage or knock a tooth from the gums. Whether it was from a fall, a vehicle accident, or a sports injury, a patient’s teeth can be damaged in a few different ways.

These include dental fractures, dental lacerations, loosened and displaced teeth, or a tooth knocked out of the socket completely.

When this urgent situation happens, the dentists at Aqua Dental Care North Vancouver have little time to repair this oral cosmetic issue, restoring the original tooth to its position or creating a dental implant to take its place.

This is because the jawbone is a living tissue that changes shape based on the placement of a patient’s teeth.

If a tooth has been removed entirely, it is important to avoid touching the roots and keep it moist using milk or water.

The emergency dentists at Aqua Dental Care North Vancouver recommend this method, and in the absence of water or milk, placing it back into the mouth between the cheek and gum, or into its original socket, are the best ways to try to save the tooth.

We can potentially save a patient’s tooth if it hasn’t been broken into pieces. If it has, an emergency dental implant that can be made to cosmetically match your existing teeth prevent the jawbone from changing shape.

Call Our Dentists Now About Your Dental Emergency

Without a doubt, if you find you are unsure of whether you need to talk to the dentist about your dental emergencies, you should do it regardless.

The emergency dentists at Aqua Dental North Vancouver have the experience and dental care services to help any patient with dental care emergencies – be it associated with pain, oral cosmetic issues, or both.

It is better to act quickly than to wait, especially with dental care emergencies. To find more information, or to book an appointment for emergency dental care services with our dentists at Aqua Dental Care North Vancouver, call (604) 988-2555.